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Towards the end of summer 2017, we were feeling lethargic. A change needed to be made. James had a new flat. It was great. The light was fabulous, he could paint the walls any colours. Maybe it was time to start taking the portraits of our friends, rather than just each other. What started as a test grew into an opportunity to meet members of the queer community people we'd only had digital relationships with. This snowballed into the opportunity to show the portraits in an exhibition at Dalston Superstore. The portraits are big, bright and bold. They have gone on to set the tone for our future work, both as individuals and as a collective. Thank you to Dalston Superstore for being the perfect venue to host our work and Go Visual who provided all of the printing. 

Below is an edited selection of the 72 portraits from the exhibition. 

The exhibition launched with a fabulous party at Dalston Superstore. We got to take plenty of our signature party disposables. Some favourites below.