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Following on from the success of our exhibition Queer Friends we were commissioned by the editorial team at Huffpost UK to produce portraits of the subjects from the article. This saw us travelling around the country, from the roof of Merseyside Police HQ to Blackpool Pier and back again. We experienced great joy with this commission, meeting new people and hearing their stories. The article is a challenging read discussing the issues and violence members of the Queer community still face and experience. For us taking part in this article brought us to something quite striking. In the article author Matt Bagwell discusses how he was beaten up on Clapham High street 20 years ago after leaving the Two Brewers. We then coincidently met Will Mayrick 20 year old student and activist on Clapham Common. Will told us about how he had been recently subject to homophobic violence on the tube. What seemed so saddening was violence that had happened before Will was born was repeated and still occurring to young Queer people today. 

We are thankful to the Huffpost for inclusion in this ground breaking piece and especially grateful to those who's portraits we took and the stories they shared.

Tracy O’Hara, police detective constable in Merseyside and co-chair of the National Police LGBT Network and chair of the Merseyside Police Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Staff Support Network, shot on 120mm film.

Assistant Chief Constable for Merseyside Police Julie Cooke and the National Police Chief’s Council lead for the LGBT portfolio, shot on 120mm film 

Assistant Chief Constable Julie Cooke, details. Shot on 35mm film.

Chrissie Marilyn Deans, student and youth worker, shot on 120mm film.

Veteran LGBT & human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell, shot on 120mm film.

Nick Antjoule, manager at LGBT+ anti- violence charity Galop, shot on 35mm film.

Christania, editor-in-chief of AZ magazine, shot on 35mm film.

Matt Bagwell, executive editor for Entertainment at Huffpost, shot on 120mm film.

Will Mayrick, photography student, shot on 35mm film.

Claire Harvey, founder of Diversity Role Models. A charity to tackle LGBT+ related bullying in schools, shot on 35mm and 120mm film.